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 Warning Light: Generator
Warning Light: Generator Destroyed

The generator converts the NTUs of a base into usable energy to fuel base systems and terminals, as well as the self-repair mechanisms of the base.

Taking this generator offline results in the terminals and systems of the base being taken offline, including the spawn tubes. The only exception is the Control Console, which runs on its own power supply. It also disables any Facility Linked Benefits the base may be providing. As well, the facility becomes a dead link in the Lattice system, blocking benefits from bases behind it on the lattice. Additonally, it releases the modules that may be installed in that facility. This means they can be removed or stolen from their cradles. A destroyed generator will repair itself, albeit very slowly, as long as the base has a supply of NTUs remaining.

Because the generator is such an important part of facility defense, and even continental defense, a warning is issued throughout the entire Sphere of Influence (SOI) if it comes under attack.

The generator room is also one of the areas protected by a Pain Field when a Pain Module is installed at the base, as a Lattice Benefit, or from a Cavern Lock Benefit. An Expert Hacker can also hack into the Generator Terminal to create or increase a pain field in the generator room.