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A base will go neutral when the power level (NTU) is completely depleted. Any neutral base can be hacked by any empire (except for Capitol facilities, which still require two sub-capitols to capture). However, a base cannot be completely captured until power is restored. If a base is hacked, and the timer runs out (or LLU is delivered) before power is rechaged, the hack will be lost, requiring rehacking and waiting another 15 minutes (or delivering LLU again).

NTUs are drained by autorepair of destroyed equipment. See Structure Armor for a list of destroyable equipment and the time they take to autorepair. Spawning, creating vehicles, and obtaining equipment at a base does not accelerate the drain. Bases do not lose any energy if the base is completely repaired. A Virus may be installed by enemies into the Main Terminal doubling the NTU drain rate. Capitols that have their Force Dome active do not consume NTU for autorepair, and thus cannot turn neutral.

Any Modules installed at the facility when it goes neutral are destroyed.

Occasionally a special in-game event will cause a base to go neutral without the base being drained first. Black Ops can also hack a facility to turn it neutral.