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There are ten battle continents in Planetside: six Home Continents and four Neutral Continents. Capturing these continents are the main object of the war. Pre-Bending these continents were located on a single planet called Auraxis, but ever since the event the continents have been pushed out to exist on ten seperate planets.

Capturing, or locking, a type of continent can provide certain benefits for each Empire depending on its Home or Neutral status.

A continent can be reached by traveling through the warpgates or broadcast warpgates, and via the HART Shuttle system located in each Empire's Sanctuary. It can also be reached by selecting Instant Action from your Esc Menu.

Each Continent can be viewed from the Interstellar and Continental Maps.

Home Continents

See Home Continent for the current empire sanctuary links.

Neutral Continents

The words Planet and Continent are sometimes interchangable.