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Version 1.5 (6/20/03, 5am Pacific on All Servers)

We ran into some unavoidable difficulties getting a new test server up. Since waiting to finish that would have delayed this patch, we have spent some extra time testing the patch internally and will make it available across all servers instead of first using a test server. The test server will be brought up shortly and will be used to test our continued content updates and feature additions.

On to the patch notes ...

  • The Skyguard anti-aircraft buggy is now available for use. Enjoy! Please note, however, that Certification Points can be spent on the Liberator bomber, although it is not available in-game currently. We hope to have the Liberator available very soon.
  • Hotspot algorithms have been improved. The Hotspots now scale up and down in size so that you can see the relative size of the battles in progress. Additionally, they are much more accurate (there is always a battle there now if you see a hotspot) and they refresh much more often. You should find them much more useful in finding battles now.
  • You can now respawn to a hacked building if you are a member of the owning Empire. Previously, once a building was hacked, the option to respawn there was unavailable. This is no longer the case.
  • The issue where vehicles purchased at a vehicle pad would sometimes fire from the weapons pad (instead of their muzzle points) causing players unintentional grief when they killed their friends accidentally at the pad, has been fixed.
  • You can now assign keys to the camera in/out functions on the Keymap screen.
  • Errant hotspots no longer show up in corners on the Global Map.
  • You should no longer lose your text input cursor when death messages occur in the status window. (Only happened on a few screens, like the /bug screen.)
  • Command chat works properly again.
  • Because "H" is typically the hotkey for "Help" and because "H" was the toggle for "Hotspots" on the map screen, there was no hotkey for Hotspots that functioned. "Hotspots" now has a hotkey of "O" on the map screen.
  • Missiles no longer move with their shell shape sideways. They fly properly to target now.
  • Waypoint beams now sort correctly against hill bottoms and buildings so that the base of the beams no longer shows through those objects.
  • The HART Shuttle is now visible on the proximity map while inside a Shuttle Building.
  • Spitfire turrets can no longer fire at targets inside a warpgate bubble.
  • The exploit allowing folks to get the stealth effect to "stick" to an incorrect armor type has been sealed.
  • First-time help tab (on your Character Info screen) now shows all completed first-time tasks.
  • Magrider Heavy Rail Beam projectile now fires in the center of the reticule (instead of slightly above).
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed infiltration suits to equip rifle-sized objects.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed folks to damage objects while they were supposedly linkdead.
  • You can no longer hack an enemy base if the friendly base connected to that base (on the lattice) is already hacked. In other words, if your base of operations is hacked, you can't use that base to link to other enemy bases. Therefore, you can't hack enemy bases until your own rear area is secure.
  • 3000x800 video resolution is now supported.
  • You no longer crash if you exit a vehicle while it is upside down.
  • Pulsar was boosted in damage slightly per shot against soldiers. Also, the AP fire rate was increased to match that of Anti-Infantry shots.
  • The VS MAX Quasar had its default ammo increased from 40 to 60 shots. It's AP damage is ever so slightly less to compensate, but its infantry damage is the same.