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Run For the Guns

The New Conglomerate is continuing their attempts at manipulating the Auraxian lattice network, this time targeting construction and acquisition pathways in an attempt to level the playing field of Auraxis, supplementing their arsenal with the situational strengths of their enemies. Now that the NC have initiated this process, the TR and the VS have no other choice but to see this through, fighting to be the Empire with a robust global arsenal, consisting of familiar and enemy weapons alike.

Starting On Saturday, November 27 at 4 PM Local Server Time, a Monolith will emerge on a different continent every 60 minutes. When the Monolith spawns, that continent will go completely neutral. Players must deliver the Monolith Unit to that continent's Capitol facility. In order to successfully deliver the MU, the capitol must be controlled by the same Empire as the player attempting to deliver it.

The Event will run over two days, with monoliths starting at 3 PM on Sunday. At the end of the two days, the number of successful runs will be tallied. Whichever Empire has delivered the most Monolith Units will be considered the winner of the event.

  • The Winner will be able to purchase enemy weaponry from the equipment terminals. Enemy Vehicles and MAXes will not be available (though their standard arsenal will be).
  • The Second Place Empire will be able to access weaponry from the Third Place Empire, but not the winner.
  • The Third Place Empire will only be able to access their own Empire Specific weaponry.

These conditions will run for the three days following the event's end. Each server will reflect different conditions, based on the Winners on each.

Get out on the battlefield and run for the guns! Your Empire's arsenal could open up as never before!