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Empire Home Defense Event

On Friday, July 29, 2005, we will be running the Empire Home Defense Event!

In this event, one Empire (chosen manually, generally the empire with the highest population at the time) will defend both of their home continents simultaneously in two two-way battles against the other two empires.

Below are the times the events will be run on the servers:

Werner 11:00 am Pacific Time (7:00 pm UK, -7.00 UTC)

Emerald 4:00 pm Pacfic Time (7:00 pm East Coast, -7.00 UTC)

Markov 7:00 pm Pacific Time (-7.00 UTC)

Preparations for the event should be made ahead of time. There will be a 30 minute warning message before these listed times. This message will announce which empire will be the one defending, and which continents the attacking empires should be on. The battles will begin at the times listed above so make sure you prepare beforehand.

The attacker wins by capturing the zone capitol within 3 hours.

The defender wins by holding their capitol for this long.


  • The winning empire will gain access to the losing empire's vehicles for 48 hours after the attack resolution.
  • Individuals will be secretly chosen for a special event merit. A list of the individual winners will be posted on Monday. However, the merits themselves will not be made available until the next update.



Defender: Vanu Sovereignty


The Vanu Sovereignty defeated the TR. TR and VS both had some very good leadership in the battles here.

The New Conglomerate defeated the VS. The VS came within 20 minutes of holding back NC, so close, but the NC has very impressive victories with good leadership.


Defender: Terran Republic


The New Conglomerate defeated the TR. There were some good fights and some good leadership from NC. The Vanu Sovereignty defeated the TR. VS had some good organization and leadership. There were a couple of good TR leaders as well.


Defender: New Conglomerate


The Terran Republic defeated the NC. The TR started off slow but with good leadership, they ended up with the victory. NC fought really well on this continent as well. The Vanu Sovereignty defeated the NC. The VS were well organized with good leadership.