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Version 3.3.9 (February 3rd, 2005)

  • Adjusted flight vehicle afterburn (Reaver, Mosquito, Lodestar, Galaxy) to be an initial "jolt" with no sustaining camera shake while the AfterBurner is on.
  • The [Sniping Bronze]../merits/Sniping_(Merit).md) Merit Commendation has been fixed and can be attained now.
  • Kills with a Prowler or Vanguard will count properly to the Ground Gunner Merit.
  • Reaver kills will count properly to the Cavalry Pilot Merit.
  • Fixed a client crash related to keymappings.
  • Corrected keymaps that may have been changed to an invalid state in the previous update.
  • Fixed an issue that would force keyboard layouts to the QWERTY standard.