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Medical Applicator

Certification Required Medical
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Heal Friendlies
Secondary Mode Heal Self
Ammunition Health Canister
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 3 (Pistol Holster)
Magazine Capacity 100
Zoom None

Medical Applicator

The battlefield medic is possibly one of the most coveted squad members. Using the Medical Applicator, they can heal soldiers in the field. With the additional Advanced Medical certification, the Medical Applicator can be used to revive fallen solders (provided they have not released). Two settings govern the use of the Medical Applicator. The Primary setting allows for the heal/revive of soldiers in the field. The Secondary function will allow the user to heal himself.

New Player Advice

  1. Try to allow the player being healed to stand in front of you, with their weapon drawn and pointed away. This will protect both of you from sneak attacks.
  2. When reviving, it may take a second to "find" your target. Make sure your crosshair has turned green and displays their name before you start your revive.
  3. Be sure to check all over the body for a valid revive point. Starting at the feet and working your way up can help. The empty space just above their corpse and below their name is also a good revive point when you cannot find any on the body.
  4. Friendly troops moving between you and the person you are reviving can interrupt the revival process. Try standing against a wall or someplace else out of the way so that your crosshairs don't rest on an area of heavy traffic.
  5. Advanced Medics can see "fallen" friendly soldiers on the Proximity Map when their Medical Applicator is drawn. They are represented as glowing triangles.
  6. It's a good idea to create a macro in local chat announcing "I am an advanced medic. Do not release!" This will let people know that there is an advanced medic in the area willing to revive them, and encourage them to wait for a revive.
  7. Advanced medics should carry extra Health Canisters with them at all times. It takes 25 units of health canister supply to revive a fallen ally.