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Exclusive Merits

These extremely rare Merit Commendations are only given out to certain people or groups that have:

  • Attended special PlanetSide events
  • Helped out the community by performing a certain task
  • Won a contest
  • Completed certain in-game requirements

[Ball & Chain](Ball_&
[Distinguished Veteran](
[Bending Actor's Award]()
[Black Ops Mercenary](
[Customer Service]()
[Devil Dogs Acting Award](<666th_Devil_Dogs_(Merit).md>)
[Fan Faire]()
[Holiday Gingerbread Men](
[Holiday Snowmen](
[Holiday Spirit of Youth](
[Halloween Assassin]()
[Planetary Moviemaker]()
[ Historian]()
[Player of the Year]()
[Quality Assurance Appreciation]()
[PS No. 1 Outfit (ChinaSide)]()