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Range Magnifier

The Range Magnifier Implant provides a weapon-independent zoom capability of x4, x8 and x12 magnification. The zoom function becomes independent of any unholstered weapon, allowing a soldier to stay zoomed when normally the function would be turned off, such as during reloading, driving a vehicle, and gunning.

The x12 zoom option is more powerful than the standard zoom attached to most weapons, including the Bolt Driver, which stops at x8. The exception is the Scorpion, which has a x12 magnification by default.

Primarily used by Snipers, in conjunction with the Bolt Driver, this implant can offer increased accuracy. However, the usefulness of x12 magnification is debatable, given the dynamic way in which maximum render distance is determined by the game, and the added difficulty that micromanaging the independent zoom can entail.