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Type Medium Transport
Role Medium Troop Transport
Certification Required Ground Transport
Empire Terran Republic
Primary Weapon 4 15mm Recoilless Cannons
Secondary Weapon -
Ammunition 15mm Chaingun Bullets
Range 250m
Occupants 5 (Driver and 4 Gunners)
Handling Good
Top speed 63 kph (40 kph over water)


The Raider variant developed by the Terran Republic features four 15mm chainguns. The new 15mm ammo does equal damage to infantry and armor, and does well against aircraft also. With a full gun-crew, the Raider is fearsome on the battefield. Like the Deliverer, the Raider has adequate trunk space and can cross calm rivers and waterways by floating at the surface.

Introduced: May 27, 2004 with update version 2.7.6.

Trivia: The Raider was called "BattleWagon" when it was first released, however, due to complaints about this name, it was later changed to "Raider".