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PlanetSide Backstory

Historical Articles

Road to Auraxis

  • "Humanity struggled out of its birth cradle, painfully growing away from Earth, before finally establishing colonies elsewhere in its solar system. Some ultimately doomed attempts at limited long-range exploration via generation ships occurred, but contact was lost long-ago with these ships and no sign of their continued existence has ever been discovered, even from the most powerful telescopes. The stars seemed to be denied to mankind..."

A background history

The Core

  • "Why must everything be turned into a weapon?" The scientist gesticulated wildly at the crystalline structures around him. "The Ancients created this planet as a construct to alter the very fabric of existence. We have the barest inkling of how they effected such manipulations, yet we diminish these great discoveries by turning them into weapons of war! It's beyond comprehension. We could be changing the entire known universe for the better!"

Discovery of the Caverns

BFR Origins

The concept and design of Exoskeletal vehicles is nothing new. The Old Republic experimented with different designs over the past 40 to 50 years. They worked from the concept that a new sort of "urban tank" could overcome obstacles too coarse or dense for a tracked or grav vehicle..."

Development of the Battleframe Robotics

The Story of the Continental Lattice

"My name is Frank Root. I've been alive for a long time. Well, if you don't count the two hundred or so times that I've died. I am a soldier of the New Conglomerate. One of the first, actually..." As told by Frank Root, New Conglomerate Technician

Empire Propoganda Netsites

Terran Republic Netsite

  • "The Terran Republic bids you greetings. We are in the midst of turbulent times and need your support more than ever. For 1,112 years, we have maintained a Legacy of Peace. No other empire in history can make this claim. Enlist today and help us fight those who seek to destroy the peace. Only through the Principles of Unity can the spirit and values of the Terran continue on Auraxis. To preserve the union, we must smash the Separatists..."

New Conglomerate Netsite

  • "Freedom is our destiny! We are driven by our desire to see all of humanity free of oppression. We will forever struggle against Tyranny's Threat! We call all able-bodied soldiers to The Frontlines to take up arms against those who would deprive us of our basic freedoms..."

Vanu Sovereignty Netsite

  • "The Vanu Sovereignty is Auraxis's one and only beacon of light. Examine the Facts for yourselves. Read of our achievements from the Genesis of the Vanu Sovereignty to its Manifesto for tomorrow. The Technophobes are shortsighted, only seeing scarcity and survival of the fittest..."