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Category: Island Cluster
Climate (Nexus): Arctic
Landmass: Battle Island
Terrain: Woodlands, tundra, hills
Facilities: 1
Towers: 5
Active Warpgates: 2
Active Geowarps: 0

A hill perimeter surrounds the only facility, Atar, a Dropship Center, linked by two Warpgates and a Geowarp.

This critical island lynchpin connects Extinction to Ascension, while having no connections at all to other planets. The connected Geowarp is always inactive and never connects to a Cavern at the present time.

Towers on the hill rim can only be accessed from footpaths on the outside of the hills, so be aware that they are different challenges to attack and defend.

Foot trails (not wide enough for vehicles) will often take you to interesting objectives around the map. Look for foot trails from the warpgates that lead you to these hidden paths.

As is the case with all Battle Islands, heavy weapons and vehicles do not operate here. Not permitted are Heavy Assault weapons, Reavers, Artillery, BFRs, Medium Battle Tanks, and Empire Specific Deliverer variants.