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Monolith Locations

These are the locations of the Monoliths that must be visited to obtain the [Exploration]../merits/Exploration_(Merit).md) Merit Commendation

  • Amerish: N6, on the coast
  • Ceryshen: J9, Bottom of the canyon, East side of the bridge
  • Cyssor: L11, Northwest corner
  • Esamir: P17, Northeast corner
  • Forseral: H13, North East Corner Peak
  • Hossin: H14, South of nearby tower in clearing
  • Ishundar: M10, South of the lake
  • Searhus: H5/I5, Northern part of Border line
  • Solsar: N8, SouthEast of Center

There are no monoliths on the Oshur Battle Islands or in the caverns.