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Core Combat

Released on 27 October 2003, Core Combat is the first and only expansion for PlanetSide. Adding the Auraxian Core Caverns(pre-Bending) as a playable area, Core Combat adds six distinct cavern environments to maximize tactical potential in the Empire's quests to control Auraxis. In addition to the caverns, new vehicles, weapons and gameplay elements were introduced. When first released, it was required to purchase the expansion to use the new additions, but it is now included for free with an account.


The six cavern areas are:

Each cavern is linked to four continental Geowarps, adding new Lattice links to each continent. However, only two caverns are active at any given time, making time a critical factor in cavern attacks and usage of the cavern links.

Cavern Base Facilities

Down in the caverns, the base facilities are quite different from those that are on the surface. While they are captured just the same, they do not provide the same functions that surface bases to. The cavern facilities were created to facilitate the creation and movement of modules to the surface. Four cavern facility types inhabit the caverns:


Added to spice up gameplay, one of the new features introduced was the modules. When installed inside a surface base facility, modules grant the facility and the controlling empire certain benefits, depending on the type of module installed. Currently, six types of modules are available to be installed:

In order to obtain a module, one must go to the caverns, capture a Module Building, obtain a non-powered module, and take it to the Core Complex to be charged. Once the module is removed from the Module Building, the player has fifteen minutes to charge the module and bring it to the surface. Once on the surface, the player has an additional fifteen minutes to install the module into a friendly base. Once the module is placed in a Module Cradle, all bases linked to the module will recieve the benefits. Each Empire has a limit to the number of Modules they have have installed at any given time. If exceeded, the only way to gain more modules is to steal them from enemy bases that have them.


Scattered throughout the caverns are multi-colored crystals that provide different benefits depending on the color. All a unit need do is stand next to the crystal to activate it. Several crystal structures exist:


There are two methods of transportation unique to the caverns. These are



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