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Version 3.7.10 (July 14, 2005)

New Additions

  • The Support Merit Commendations graphics have been arranged based on type of roles. Below is the convention used:
    • The sidebars are green to indicate a support merit and the second inner stripes indicate the rank.
    • Primary stripe colors:
  • Red = Healing and reviving
  • Blue = Repairing armor or equipment
  • Orange = related to support vehicles
  • Green = related to hacking
    • Background colors:
  • White, Grey = related to healing or repairing infantry (white designated for reviving type merits)
  • Black = vehicle related
  • Orange = robotics related
  • Blue = related to air vehicles
  • Dark Green = hacking related
  • Also, the Healing, Reviving, and Repairing merits were arranged so that they can form a "+" symbol, and the Hacking awards were arranged so that they can form an "H".
  • For more details on upcoming changes and for community activities, visit the PlanetSide Forums.

Game-play Changes

Merit Changes

  • Grammatical error in Bomber Ace merit descriptions have been corrected.
  • MAX Operator Gold and Anti-Armor Gold merits no longer have the same color scheme.
  • Changed the Vulture to correctly require Bomber Ace, Bronze (the 2nd merit in the 5 part series) as was originally intended.
  • Vulture kills should now count correctly toward the Bomber Ace merit.
  • Support Repair merits now count correctly when repairing a Wall Turret.
  • Support Repair merits now count correctly when repairing a Spitfire Turret
  • Support Router merits now count correctly when getting a Router Deployment Assist
  • Equipment Support awards will now track stats correctly.

Training Missions UI Changes

  • Character information window should now resize properly.
  • New characters should now receive prompt to focus attention to the training missions.
  • The Zone prerequisite listing should no longer cut off on some of the missions by the window size.
  • Mission Status window should no longer show a disabled Cancel Mission button if you start a mission while the mission status window is already open.
  • Mission Status window should be now be work to reopen after closing it.

Air Vehicle Changes

Support Experience Changes

  • We made some changes to how heal and repair experience work so that the experience gain is slightly more rewarding.

Miscellaneous Changes