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Watch tower

 Watch Tower on
Watch Tower on Cyssor

Distinctive features

  • Five floors
  • No Phalanx roof turrets
  • Second floor exterior catwalk
  • Control Console on level three
  • Roof sensor cluster with four vertical aerials


Unlike the Air Tower and Gun Tower, the Watch Tower has no Phalanx Wall Turrets.

Standing five stories tall, the Watch Tower is the tallest of all 3 Tower types. VS MAX Units must use both their regular jump and their jump jet special ability at the same time to reach the roof directly, though it is still rare to find a VS MAX Unit at the top of a Watch Tower given level surrounding terrain.

As is the case with all Towers, the Spawn Room in Watch Towers include two Spawn tubes , three Equipment Terminals, and two banks of Lockers.

Special Capability

Watch towers have a sensor array on the roof, making them capable of sensing enemy presence, which will display on the Tactical Overlay.