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Certification Required Special Assault
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Grenade Lob
Secondary Mode "Sticky" Projectile
Ammunition Ancient Capacitor Unit
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 6 (Rifle Holster)
Magazine Capacity 25
Zoom 2x


The Radiator is an indirect damage weapon. The projectiles themselves do no damage, but once they explode they irradiate the immediate area causing damage to all soldiers within the area. There is no protection from this damage, even in a vehicle, except for leaving the irradiated area. However, the damage from the weapon is cut in half if you are in a vehicle or in a MAX suit.

In addition to the Special Assault Certification, unless the user is in the core, the base must have an Equipment Module installed for the weapon to be purchased.

In primary mode, the projectile will bounce off hard surfaces and will explode when it comes to rest. In secondary mode, the projectile "sticks" the the first surface it contacts.

When the shell explodes, the effect is radial and can go through any nearby wall. Thus this is an excellent Back Door defense weapon, as it will hurt enemies before they even open the door.

While not damaging the shields or armor of BFRs, the radiator can still damage BFR systems such as sensor and aiming systems, as well as reduce the health of the driver/gunner. Combined with a Jammer grenade or EMP blast, the radiator can be used to either kill the ocupants of a BFR or make them eject, leaving you with an otherwise undamaged BFR that can be hacked.

Note: Radiator effects do not "stack." Overlapping irradiated areas always deal the same amount of damage over time, they do not double or triple the damage.