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Ghosts of the Revolution

Ghosts of the Revolution (GotR) are a Gemini based outfit that play mostly Vanu Sovereignty but have been known to play the other two empires.

GotR are split into three divisions, the 555th Death Angels, F.E.A.R and Daemon Legion, these three divisions work both individually and as a whole to make operations successful.

The current Outfit Leader for GotR is robocpf1

Ghosts of the Revolution

We as an outfit are like a large family. Many of us will provide assistance when possible, we will never turn a player down for their Battle Rank or experience, everyone is treated as equals.

555th "Death Angels"

This is our airborne infantry division, they are the main force of GotR who storm bases and secure objectives.

Current officers of the Death Angels are LocoCoyote and zolfo22

Fallen Elite Armored Regiment

F.E.A.R were once two seperate divisions, the armor colomn Phantom Guard and the air cavalry Wind Wraiths, in mid 2009 they were merged into F.E.A.R due to waning numbers they are now a flexible division able to quickly switch between air and land in an instant.

Current officers of FEAR are Stromgirl and Reignman83

Daemon Legion

Phantom Elite Strike Team (PEST)

Daemon Legion are comprised of cloakers and snipers but aren't limited to those, PEST are the GotR elite, they are battle hardened and capable of holding their own under harsh circumstances, they are usually called upon when the odds are against the main force and can quickly turn the tide of a battle.

Current officers of Daemon Legion are N1H1L and Laylos