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Type Anti-Aircraft Aircraft
Role Anti-Aircraft
Certification Required Air Cavalry Interceptor
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon 12mm Rotary Chaingun
Secondary Weapon Anti-Aircraft Missile Pod
Ammunition Used Wasp Chaingun Bullets and Wasp Air-to-Air Missiles
Range Missles: 350m Chaingun: 250m
Occupants 1 (Pilot)
Handling Good
Top speed 119 kph (287 kph with Afterburner)


The Wasp Interceptor requires the Technology Plant benefit to be purchasable.

The Wasp has significantly less armor than the Mosquito (we're talking paper-thin here), but carries two AA missile launchers. These missile launchers can only fire when they have a lock, and do not fire very quickly. The Wasp carries enough for 10 volleys (2 loaded and 18 spare ammo) in the default loadout.

It should be noted that the 12mm chaingun is nowhere near as efficient as the one that is on the Mosquito . It fires at a similar ROF to the Vulture's nosegun, but carries only 30 shots at a time and a further 10 reloads. It's meant for finishing punches, not mowing down infantry.

The Wasp's afterburner lasts twice as long, but speed seems identical to that of the Mosquito . The Wasp also lacks the Mosquito 's Overflight Radar system.