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Command Experience Points

Command Experience Points (CEP) is gained by leading a squad in a successful base capture or resecure.

Platoon Leaders will not gain any additional Command Experience Points from the other Squads in their platoon. The squad leader will receive more command experience points per capture with more players in his/her squad that are on the same planet.

When enough Command Experience has been accumulated, the character will increase in Command Rank.

The current numeric experience values for the various Command Ranks are:

Command Rank Starting Experience Ending Experience Required for Next CR **CEP per Block**
CR 0 0 9,999 10,000 1,000
CR 1 10,000 49,999 40,000 4,000
CR 2 50,000 149,999 100,000 10,000
CR 3 150,000 299,999 150,000 15,000
CR 4 300,000 599,999 300,000 30,000
CR 5 600,000 N/A N/A N/A

The amount of CEP awarded is based on a complicated algorithm that takes into account the number of enemies in the SOI of the base 10 minutes prior to the hack and during the hack itself. The more enemies nearby, the more CEP awarded for a successful capture, up to a maximum. The maximum CEP awarded depends on the number of members in your squad that are on the same planet, listed in the table below.

Squad Members Maximum CEP Awarded
1 990
2 1,980
3 3,466
4 4,950
5 6,436
6 7,920
7 9,406
8 10,890
9 12,376
10 13,860

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