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EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse)

The EMP is a command ability that any soldier with Command Rank 3 or higher can access using their Command Uplink Device (or CUD), the range depends on the users Command Rank however.

  • Command Rank 3: 10 meter radius
  • Command Rank 4: 15 meter radius
  • Command Rank 5: 20 meter radius

An EMP can also be triggered by a charged BFR NTU Siphon and by the drivers of a Leviathan, Juggernaut, or Vindicator.

Once triggered, this ability detonates a blast that doesn't harm soldiers, but detonates Mines, Boomers, and disables Spitfire Turrets, Shadow Turrets, Cerberus Turrets, Wall Turrets and Motion Sensors. It also disables all Implants and Proximity Maps of any enemy soldiers in the area, as well as the weapons of all vehicles nearby, excluding BFRs, the Blast does damage the BFR systems however.

It is often utilized when clearing large fields of Combat Engineering (or CE) whenever a force is attacking a base, or a small team is commencing an insertion into an enemy base at a heavily CE-ed entrance.

The recharge time for an EMP is 20 minutes.