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Psychedelic Clown Posse

Psychedelic Clown Posse (PcP) is a highly motivated and highly mobile operational outfit that has evolved into an important part of every battle on Auraxis, famous for their daring re-secure missions and uncanny ability to prevail against all odds. Spanning from around the world, this tough group of shock troops are trained to create panic and disruption through annihilation behind enemy lines. Each member is a born leader, over 80% of them holding the highest attainable Command Rank. They serve as both a model and an inspiration to every soldier on the battlefield. While often outnumbered and outgunned, you'll still find the Clowns owning on Markov 24/7.

With Vanu Sovereignty's Future Crew (FC) and the New Conglomerate's Hostile Takeover (Ht), the Terrans of Markov needed an elite crew of their own. It was Murphdawg's undertaking to create the most selective and influential outfit on the server. PcP's membership of only 100 handpicked members have generated over 3 million kills, more then any other outfit in the entire game.

Since inception on 9 Dec 2003, PcP has expanded to a world renown gaming clan, inspiring fear in gamers on every server, in every game. For more information on todays most influential gaming force visit: