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Version 2.9.5 (August 2, 2004)

  • The latest round of Balance Adjustments have been done. For details on what has changed, check here.
  • Empire Incentives have been modified. If all Empires are balanced, they have approximately 33% of the total global population. Every hour, we check the last 7-day period and average all those numbers to see whether there are any major shifts in population. If the Empires move away from the 33% optimal situation, we alter Experience and health in order to encourage new characters to be created in the Empires that need more population. If an Empire gets extremely out of balance, then the numbers finally get to the point where some players with existing characters might consider changing Empires to avoid penalties. This is done to maintain balance within the game if such imbalance ever occurs.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause an avatar to take no damage in certain conditions. We are aware of an issue that causes some stuttering when a player first logs into the game. We have taken steps to reduce this occurrence and will be continuing to make improvements to performance after initial login.
  • The Merit Commendation attachment is now displayed on character avatars.
  • Implemented an option called Adaptive LOD. When enabled this option allows the game to switch to lower LOD objects closer to the camera. This is only done when the current framerate is below the target framerate. This is available through the Graphics Options UI.
  • Implemented a Cull Animations option. When enabled, this option allows the game to update animations less frequently for characters that are farther away. This is done regardless of framerate when enabled. This is available through the Graphics Options UI.
  • Keys bound to Turn Left work correctly.
  • Outfit invite text does not get cut off if the inviter has a long name
  • The Striker will now properly hit and do damage to the Phalanx Wall Turret.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the entire continent map to appear in the proximity radar.
  • LLU Sub-Capitols will now spawn an LLU if the only linked base is a Capitol.