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Squad Leader

The Squad Leader is the current leader of a squad.

When the leader has higher Command Ranks they are able to help the squad accomplish its goal faster and better through the use of extra command abilities, such as Reveal Enemies, Squad Waypoints, and more.

The Squad Leader always has the number 1 within a squad and is the only squad member capable of initiating or accepting platoon invites.

The Squad Leader gains Battle Experience Points for kills as any other member of the squad, but gains Command Experience Points instead of Battle Experience during facility captures. Only the squad leader gains CEP in this way; all other squad members gain BEP during captures, as normal.

The Squad Leader also has access to list the squad in the players menu with a custom title, set requirements for each squad position, and view the certifications of each member of the squad. They are also the only member of the squad allowed to access the Main Console at bases.