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Launched April 8, 2005.


Implemented Squad Home Base functionality. This great new feature is designed to help squads to stick together and promote teamwork. Please click the link and read the full description for all the details!

Sanctuary Respawn

To help squads stay together when recalling to the Sanctuary, soldiers will spawn closest to the following, listed by priority: 1) Platoon Leader 2) Squad Leader 3) largest group of Squad Members 4) largest group of Platoon Members If none of the above apply, the player will pick a spawn building at random.

Game Play

  • Friendlies will no longer be able to damage base generators or spawn tubes.
  • Flight BFRs will now require a Tech Plant to be connected via the lattice to purchase.
  • Empire Benefits: Locking both Enemy Home Planets will result in obtaining access to all of their Empire Specific vehicles, including BattleFrame Robotics units.
  • Also, the Oshur Battle Islands, when locked, now confer the Dropship center benefit, while Cyssor will confer the 5% vehicle armor bonus.
  • Lattice Change: All four "neutral" planets (Battle Islands, Ishundar, Cyssor and Searhus) will always now be connected to the Core Combat Caverns, with remaining links spread among the remaining "Home" Planets. This should make cavern control more important for obtaining Empire Benefits.


  • Sanctuary HART buildings are now labeled A, B or C for easier reference.
  • "Vehicle Stolen!" text will now appear in RED!
  • The Range Magnifier Implant is now toggle-able


  • /comsu will now properly do continent all chat for appropriate level commanders in Supai
  • Driver Gunnery Platinum will now properly count kills
  • Fixed a vehicle problem with cargo in galaxies or lodestars when deconstructing.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Lodestar to disappear earlier than other vehicles as it moves off into the distance.
  • Corrected the Sound Environmental Level to disable when a sound provider was selected that did not support environmental audio.
  • The pop up menu listing that defaults to the lower right will now properly save it's state. That way, it will be minimized if you had it minimized the last time you played.
  • Grenades will now auto-reload more like other weapons
  • Grenades in Inventory will now display how many are in their stack
  • Corrected an issue where the first person HUD did not count stacked grenades correctly.
  • Each Grenade will now properly be a clip of 3.
  • Correcting an issue with alpha and the Wraith. This spun out to include some clean up on a number of systems dealing in how the game alphas things out (makes them go invisible) that should make them run better and be more consistent.
  • Also fixed an issue that would cause an infiltrator to decloak and then re-cloak when dismounting a Wraith that was visible when first mounted.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause the Radiator and Maelstrom to not damage enemies.
  • Hacking and Advanced Hacking certification descriptions now more accurately reflect those abilities.
  • Tower names on the Battle Islands now reflect the names of warpgates they are near.
  • Removed an incorrect green strip from the Weapons Expert Citation
  • Corrected an issue that could cause a Crash from repeating a \# color code in chat.
  • Fixed a zone crash that could occur in the process of disconnecting logging out players
  • Corrected a infrequent world crash condition
  • Corrected a world memory leak that could result in a crash
  • Improved the server process when Core Combat caverns rotate to remove a noticeable, but short lived, slow down in server responsiveness when this happened.

New Memory Saving Low Resolution Sounds This version has support for low resolution sound effects that will be available soon as an optional download for those players who wish to use them.