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Spawn Room

from another view
from another view
 in a
Cavern Redoubt Building
in a Cavern Redoubt Building

Room in facilities, towers, or the Sanctuary Respawn Buildings where the Respawn tubes are located.

Surface Spawn Rooms

In addition to the spawn tubes, these rooms come equipped with severallockers and 3 Equipment terminals.

Respawn rooms are protected by low-energy Pain Fields. If a Pain Module is installed, this pain field is even more lethal.

The Respawn room is adjacent to the lounge and above the barracks. These three areas together are sometimes refered to as the Barracks as well.

Cavern Spawn Rooms

Cavern Spawn Rooms work exactly like the surface ones, meaning that when you die, you can select where to spawn, and you will spawn there when the timer is done.

However, the Cave Spawn Rooms have no Spawn Tubes, and can therefor not be destroyed. The Ancient Equipment Terminals in the Spawn Rooms are also indestructable, making it harder to defend a Cavern Facility because you cannot prevent the Enemy from respawning and getting their gear. Cavern Spawn Rooms have a Pain Field strength equal to that of a Pain Module by default.