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Tactical Resonance Area Protection


Certification Required Fortification Engineering
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode TRAP
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition Field Deployment Unit (FDU)
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 9 (Rifle holster)
Magazine Capacity 1 TRAP per FDU
Zoom None

Tactical Resonance Area Protection (TRAP)

The Tactical Resonance Area Protection, or TRAP for short, can be deployed by Fortification Engineers by use of the Field Deployment Unit.

Up to two TRAPs can be placed next to each other. When deployed, nothing larger than Infantry can get between them. The interference range for TRAPs is pretty similar to that of an AMS, so once you've placed two of them, you won't be able to place a third one anywhere near the others.

TRAPs are solid objects, which can take quite a punch before being destroyed (having 5000 armor points, which is the same armor as a Lodestar), and will do damage to anything that tries to ram it. Friendly vehicles will pass through friendly TRAPs, similar to passing through vehicles in Warpgates. Infantry however cannot pass through it.

The TRAPs share the same interference range as the Aegis Shield Generator, the AMS, and the One-Manned Field Turrets, and cannot be placed inside Enemy SOIs. TRAPs cannot be placed on catwalks, walls or on the white areas that surround Facilities, Towers and doors.

If enemy vehicles are destroyed by a TRAP, it will appear in the kill window as if they were blown up by the vehicle they were driving.