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Version 2.2.13 (November 21, 2003)


  • When a player activates an Implant, Stamina drain will begin immediately. This is to prevent players from "flickering" implants on and off to avoid the drain.
  • You can now create Modules of all types in every Cavern. The non powered modules are no longer acquired from the capture point, there are 6 places to pick up the modules in the building now.
  • Active Geowarps on Continents now appear on Global Map.
  • The avatar "special ability" key (aka the "toggle stealth" key) was moved from the General keymap to the Soldier keymap.
  • Added a pane to the Keymapping options for MAX armor that allows players to override the "Special Ability" and "Jump" keymappings in the Soldier Pane.
  • Previously, Module Cradles could take damage if they were holding a module. Now they are always invulnerable.
  • Dropped modules now appear as neutral on the Overhead maps.
  • Time-to-Hack and LLU lifespan info should be available at ALL facilities (NOT caverns) for all clients.
  • Caverns are now laid out in a ring on the Global Map.
  • Building object sounds will stop when a Facility has no power (exceptions are the Resource Silo and Control Console).
  • Players must now leave a geowarp's warp bubble before they can warp again.


  • Certain rendering properties, animations and effects have been optimized to improve framerates - especially in heavy combat situations.

Bug Fixes

  • Players can no longer bypass the reload time for weapons by holstering them and drawing them again.
  • Players will no longer be propelled from AMS Spawn Tubes at high speeds and take damage for it.
  • Implant and Macro icons in the hotbar will no longer swap between players.
  • Implemented improved Speedstep detection.
  • Vehicle Terminals will no longer appear destroyed for some players and active for others.
  • Players who die while holding the fire button down to throw a Grenade will no longer throw the grenade when Revived.
  • Players will no longer get a message that they can deploy an ANT here when they are outside of the base.
  • Players can no longer load Ancient Tech weapons from a vehicle favorite if the facility does not have the Weapon module installed or linked.
  • Ancient Tech Weapons are no longer listed twice at the AT Equipment Terminals.
  • Going linkdead while drop-podding will no longer cause the avatar to die.
  • Avatars riding on Zipline will no longer be able to use deployed Router Telepads.
  • The Lazed targeting reticule will no longer continue to appear after respawning or exiting the Flail.
  • Players will be able to board the HART consistently when it is docked at the HART shuttleport.
  • Router drivers will no longer get telefragged when another player uses its remotely deployed telepad.
  • Players will no longer get stuck on Cavern telepads.
  • Friendly players in Phalanx Turrets will no longer show as red on the HUD when targeted.
  • Jumping in a VS MAX will drain stamina properly again (this does not apply to using the VS jumpjets, which drain from the MAX capacitor as opposed to stamina)
  • The gunner dots in the Prowler's HUD display show players in the correct position.
  • Drop Pods will no longer stack up on each other when multiple characters drop in at the same location.
  • If a Medic goes linkdead while reviving another player, that player will not come back from the dead.