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Version 3.2.12 (January 19, 2005)

  • Battle Rank 23 Extension Players are now able to advance to Battle Rank 23. We are also implementing the following adjustment to help with the new range of advancement.
  • Recertification To facilitate existing characters restructuring their character build with these changes and to prepare for their continued advancement, we will be clearing everyone's certifications with this update.
  • More 1 cert options: In order to facilitate easier travel, especially while wearing Reinforced Exo-Suit, we are making the ATV and Harasser certifications 1 point.
  • ATV from 2 to 1 cert point. Harasser from 2 to 1 cert point. Adjusting Up Combo Certs: In an effort to control "one man army" character builds, who can do it all, from happening with the new certification alignment, we are bumping up Uni-MAX, BFR and Air Cavalry.
  • BFR will move from 3 to 4 cert points. Uni-MAX combo cert moves from 5 to 6 cert points. Air Cavalry combo cert moves from 4 to 5 cert points.

Other Updates

  • Slightly increased the Mosquito, Harasser and Marauder's 12 mm Cone of Fire to match that of the Lightning and Skyguard.
  • Adjusted BFR Flight Variant flight movement capabilities: Slightly reduced flight capacitor recharge rate
  • Moderately reduced flight pack lift per unit of capacitor used.
  • Slightly increased effectiveness of strafing flight jets Slightly increased the batter down timer of the Flight Variant's shield once it is beat all the way down
  • Substantially increased the Switchblade's armor. Adjusted the movement characteristics of the Switchblade to better handle hills and rough terrain.
  • Moderately improved the starting cone of fire and bloom of the cone of fire of the Switchblade's Scythe weapon.
  • Increased Ancient ammo (used by the Radiator and Spiker) to 30 in a box.
  • Moderately reduced the Fury's Hellfire rocket damage against MAX armor.