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## Character Creation Welcome to PlanetSide, the best massive-multiplayer first-person shooter (MMOFPS) out there. Let's get started! **NOTE:** Offline training _does not_ work at present. Just completely ignore offline training. Everything you could learn from offline training, you will learn in game. Start out by logging in and choosing your nearest server and your preferred [Empire](../../terminology/, throw in a name, pick a face and voice, and head into sanctuary.

VR training

When you spawn in your Sanctuary, walk out the door and take a sharp left or right, and walk around the corner of that same building. You'll see a set of three doors up some stairs; head into any of them.

Choose 1 or 2 (do both). Every new item you equip gives you a number of Experience Points- anywhere between 50 and 200. So equip every weapon and support item you can, fire them if you want to. Putting on Rexo armor makes this process faster.

To leave VR, hop into one of those prism-looking beams.

Same goes for vehicles; you'll spawn next to the ground vehicle pad. Drive everything. If it has a gunner spot, park and hop in the gunner slot too.

When you're done, visit the BFR shack (just a touch northeast of the vehicle pad) and use both battle frames. if you want to switch out weapons, walk it over to the rearm silo behind the ground vehicle pad you were just using, it's on the hill to the east of the vehicle-pad.

Then head to the airpad, it's a good distance, heading west by southwest. It's up on a hill, use your map to pinpoint it. There, do the same thing. fly everything, use all the gunner seats.

By the time you finish this, you'll have gone from BR1 to BR4, and you'll be up to seven Certification points.

Load up and ship out

From your spawn point, head towards the massive, blocky, looming building, known as the HART Building. Inside, find a Certification Terminal and get some Certifications. Don't worry, they're not permanent (as a new character, you can switch them as often as you want during your first week).

Then find an Equipment terminal, just like in the VR shooting range. Get agile armor (at least), and load up on gear. When you have a suitable loadout, switch to the favorites tab and save the configuration. Next time, you can run up to the terminal, hit G then the number key, and you're good to go.

If you know where you want to go, get on the HART when it comes in (every 5 minutes). You'll hear it. If you don't, hit escape and use "instant action." That will spawn you at a facility near a hotspot, putting your personal (white) waypoint on where it thinks the fight is. This isn't 100% accurate, because humans are unpredictable, but it usually will get you some action.

In the field

Your Map will always save you. M key by default, it shows hot spots - where there's gunfire. Also, you can right-click anywhere on it to set a personal waypoint, making navigation easier.

Communication is the second thing you'll run into. There are a number of text commands you can use to talk on different channels. The backspace key replies to /tell, and /s is for squad chat. There's a full list here.

Other Tips

  • Q is autorun or 100% thrust (except in a BFR, where it's `).
  • The U key pulls up your character info.
  • Alt+N toggles on outfit names.
  • [ and ] zoom in and out on your minimap.
  • Use AI ammo (white) on infantry, use AP (gold) on maxes and vehicles. this doesn't change, regardless of how much armor they have.
  • You can tell rank by armor color. Brighter (more gold/red/green) is higher.