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Cerberus Turret

Certification Required Fortification Engineering or Advanced Engineering
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Cerberus Turret
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition Adaptive Construction Engine (ACE)
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 3 (Pistol holster)
Magazine Capacity 1 Turret per ACE unit
Zoom None

Cerberus Turret

The Cerberus Turret is deployed using the ACE's Tertiary Mode. The "Change Ammunition" function will allow you to select the Cerberus Turret, the Spitfire Turret or the Shadow Turret.

The maximum amount of Cerberus Turrets that can be placed at any given time is 5, and they count towards the maximum amount of deployed Turrets along with the Spitfire and Shadow Turrets.

Cerberus Turrets are the Anti-Aircraft version of the Spitfire, and are designed to damage/destroy Aircraft. Aircraft that fly past them will not be destroyed, hovering or flying slow near one of these Turrets will make you "land" rather fast however.

The Cerberus Turret doesn't do a lot of damage to vehicles and Infantry, and will not fire upon Infantry unless fired upon.

These Turrets cannot be deployed inside an Enemy SOI.

Kills made with these turrets count towards both the Air Defender and [Engineering]../merits/Engineering_(Merit).md) Merits.