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Nano Dispenser

Certification Required Engineering
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Repair
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition Armor Canister or Upgrade Canister
Range 5m
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 6 (Rifle Holster)
Magazine Capacity 100
Zoom None

Nano Dispenser

The Nano Dispenser (commonly referred to as the glue gun or repair gun) allows for field repair of all "destroyable" equipment, i.e., vehicles, all turrets, equipment terminals, medical terminals, certification terminals, vehicle terminals, respawn tubes, TRAPs, Aegis Shield Generators, Motion Sensors, Sensor Disruptors, implant terminals, and generators. Just be sure to carry an extra ammo canister or three for it, as major items like generators and vehicles will use up much more "juice" to get back up to full status.

With the Fortification Engineering Certification, the Nano Dispenser can also be used to upgrade Phalanx turrets via the Upgrade Canister to fire either Anti-Aircraft or Anti-Armor rounds in addition to the standard rounds. It can also be used to upgrade Aegis Shield Generators with a static shield using the Armor Canister ammunition with the Fortification Engineering certification.

With the Assault Engineering certification, the Nano Dispenser can be used upgrade Aegis Shield Generators to supply ammunition and hand-held grenades using Armor Canister ammunition. If you also have Fortificantion Engineering, the Aegis must have been previously upgraded to have a static shield and the shield must be at full health to begin the ammunition upgrade.

For each unit of Armor Canister ammunition, a standard engineer using the Nano Dispenser will repair an object 32 armor points. A player with the Combat Engineering Certification will repair at a rate of 48 points per unit. Characters with Fortification, Assault, or Advanced Engineering have the highest Nano Dispenser efficiency, repairing at a rate of 64 armor points per unit of ammunition.