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Live Version 3.0.29 (November 5, 2004)

  • The basic BFR certification will now only give access to the AV weapon systems along with the NTU siphon and armor siphon weapons.
  • Added BFR Anti-Infantry and BFR Anti-Aircraft certifications at 1 cert point cost. These must be taken in order for a BFR pilot to outfit their BFR with these other weapon systems. There is no dependence on the BFR Gunner weapons; the BFR pilot can buy whatever gunner weapons he wants to outfit his battleframe with. This was to keep the gunner from having to actually have the certification to use the gun.
  • In light of the certification changes for BattleFrame Robotics, we have reset all character certifications to allow everyone to reset their character build as they desire.
  • Slight reduction of BFR weapon systems against secondary and tertiary targets. For example, the default AV loadouts did not change in their performance against vehicle targets, but are slightly less effective against infantry, aircraft and MAXs.
  • Moderately reduced BFR shield regeneration rate, but increased the overall amount of absorption the shield will take before being beat to zero.
  • Slightly reduced BFR chassis armor absorption of damage from small arms fire, making small arms, especially AP ammo, more effective.