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New Conglomerate

Tear down the Threat that is Tyranny! Burn it all down and Start Again! We call all able-bodied soldiers to The Frontlines to take up arms against those who would deprive us of our basic freedoms. Do not forgive! Do not forget the History of Oppression that we have endured at the hands of the Terran brutes and the Vanu maniacs! Volunteer Now!

— New Conglomerate recruitment bulletin


The New Conglomerate is one of three Empires waging war on Auraxis. The basic philosophy of the New Conglomerate is "hit them hard." What their weapons lack in firing rate they make up for in pure damage.

The special ability of the New Conglomerate MAXes is their Shield, providing a greater degree of protection over their standard armor.




BattleFrames (BFR)

One-Manned Field Turret