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Released December 13, 2005

Update Highlights

  • Tactical Overlay: The Tactical Overlay is a grid of colored blocks on the continent map that can be used to monitor friendly troop deployment, detect enemy forces, and visualize the flow of battle. All players have access to this tactical data, regardless of battle or command rank.
  • New command added: To view the tactical data, click on the Tactical toggle on the continent map, or press the A key.
  • Head Gear Enhancements: adding glasses and communication device options.
  • New commands added:
    • /shades command to toggle sunglasses! (Battle Rank 24 required and must not have helmet shown)
    • /earpiece command to toggle tactical head set! (Battle Rank 24 required and must not have helmet shown)
  • Holiday Features: Santa Hats, present box corpse graphics, and lights in the trees on arctic continents.
  • New command added: /humbug command added for those not wanting to see the new santa hats or present boxes.

Vehicle Improvements

  • Vehicle Timer Reduction - Reduced Purchase Timers from 6 to 2 minutes for the Basilisk, Wraith, Marauder, Harasser, Enforcer, and Thresher.
  • Increased Armor - Increased armor on the Fury, Basilisk and Wraith
  • Critical Health Changes - Changed the critical health value for all ground vehicles. This changes an affect where the vehicle would be rendered useless when it has just a few health points left forcing the player to eject. This now allows the player to either eject or try to limp away from the battle. Choice will be to the player.
  • Improvements on Braking, Steering, Acceleration - Harasser, Skyguard, Marauder, Enforcer, Wraith, Basilisk, and Fury

Incentive changes

  • Eliminated health and negative XP incentives
  • Added spawn and acquire incentives:
  • Spawn incentives reduce spawn time from anywhere, including Towers and AMSes.
  • Acquire incentives reduce acquire timers for vehicles and MAXes.

Plasma Stacking Limit changes

  • The amount of aggravated damage queued on an object is capped to a limit settable per Weapon type. Damage past this cap is ignored.
  • Currently, Plasma Grenades are the only limited Weapons.

Project Rabbit changes

  • Rabbit carrier will no longer take grief when hit by friendly vehicles.
  • It will now say why the Rabbit ball has been reset in the chat window when it resets.

New Player Improvements

  • Added 2 starter favorites:
  • Light Assault
  • Heavy Assault
  • Added a Certification forget penalty grace period for 7 days for new characters. Once the grace period has ended, the forget period is the normal 6 hours.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Certification Timer changes: Reduced the Certification Timer from 24 to 6 hours.
  • Equipment Terminal - We've made some adjustments and added in some extra logging to pinpoint Terminal issues. If you continue to experience the problem with the Equipment Terminal, use the /bug command in game to report it in detail.