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Minignu's Grunt Help Page


This page shows you how to be a combat grunt in planetside and sets out the usefulness of various implants, certs, weapons, vehicles and tactics. THIS IS NOT FOR UB3R GR34T VETERANS this is for those in planetside who have been around for a bit and want to learn more. I am TR by the way in case you think i am being biast (and PM me if you think i am :D ).

Your Weapons

Heavy assault

MCG (minichaingun): The TR empire specific HA weapon is the MCG. It packs a hefty punch and spews bullets at an alarming rate. It's range is superior to both the lasher and jackhammer making it a better choice in an outdoor situation(it is most effective at 25-30 metre range) although it does suffer at range against medium assault weapons. It has a very large clip (100) but can sill run out of bullets quickly. The major problems with the MCG are its weakness at close range and it's massive CoF (cone of fire) bloom after taking the slightest bit of damage or afterit shoots 13 shots at full auto. It is good on defence as it is able to lay down a wall of fire no non MAX unit will want to get through. It is best combined with rexo armour as you do not need agility (unlike the JH) and the extra armour can save your life.

JH (Jackhammer): The Jackhammer is the NC HA weapon. It is a triple barrelled combat shotgun which can make mincemeat of the enemy IF you get close enough (10- metres is optimum range). It can kill in about 3 shots against non-MAX armour and doesn't require too much aiming. The main problem is having to get within that optimum range and the fact that unlike the TR and VS the NC can't lay down a wall of fire with their weapon and have to rely on other tactics. Problems include it's slow reload time, it's sometimes rubbish secondary fire and the massive penalty for missing. The JH is best used combined with agile armour in order to get close enough to the enemy before you are turned into small chunks of meat (or in the case of the VS a barbeque rib). The jackhammer isn't very good outdoors but if you can get in close....It's deadly.

The lasher: Some may call it a spam weapon but it does require some skill to learn how to use it effectively. It has a decent rate of fire and like the minichaingun it can hold down a backdoor for ages. It's lasher orbs only do a bit of damage (around 10 hp) but it can be worth it as it not only hurts multiple enemies but messes up their CoF. It's optimum range is around 15 metres so it is excellent in indoor fights. It's inaccuracy makes it weak outdoors compared to MA weapons or the MCG but this depends on your skill. It's major problem is it's slow moving projectiles meaning that an enemy can hit you before you have the chance of hitting them.

The maelstrom (AT): This is an ancient tech (AT) weapon meaning it can only be used IF you both own the core combat expansion and have access to a cave terminal, cave lock and/or equipment module. It is extremly powerful in each of it's modes. It's first mode is the Vortex Whip. This is like a stream of electricity which damages an enemy for as long as you keep the crosshairs on him. The second and third modes fire out a grenade that works simarily to the Thumper. The grenade explodes causing splash damage to those nearby and does incredible damage. Further, the grenade splash damage can jump from person to person as long as each successive link in the chain is at 5m or less from the previous person. The maelstrom benefits from certain mods which recharge it's ammo making it able to hold backdoors by consatntly spamming the area.

Medium Assault

Punisher: Known to many as the "Swiss army knife" of PS weaponry, the Punisher is versatile but lacks focus. It's grenade launcher is extremely slow to reload leaving you vulnerable after you fire your shots. A common mistake for new players is that the punisher's rocket is good at AV. It isn't. The damage amount is small and the slow reload time leaves you easy prey for any nearby enemies. In most cases it is easier just to throw a grenade than use the grenade launcher and without it the punisher is a sub-par infantry weapon. It is probably best to avoid unless you are experienced with it.

Sweeper: The sweeper is a useful weapon indoors if you can learn to use it properly. It has enough power to take out most infantry in 4 shots if you can make them all land. This weapon has limited application outside as it is a shotgun but inside it can be deadly if you can get within range. With a decent clip, good punch and fair refire rate, the sweeper is a sound weapon.

Cycler: The Terran Republic's Medium Assault is a well rounded weapon. Compared to the other empire specific Medium Assault weapons, they have a bigger clip (50 compared to 30) and faster fire rate. It is accurate in short bursts but blooms when fired for too long.

Gauss rifle: This is the New Comglomerate's empire specific weapon and in line with their empire's way of thinking it deals the most damage per shot and so can take out a rexo in only 10 shots. It has a small clip (30), a slower refire rate and slightly less accuracy than the cycler.

Pulsar: My personal favourite, the pulsar has very good accuracy, high damage and an ability to switch the weapon to fire AP rounds without having to reload. It has a medium clip (40 rounds) and makes a cool noise (obviously a plus). I Try to loot as many of these as possible as i seem to get good kill streaks with them.

Special assault

Thumper: This is a very versatile and powerful weapon in the hands of an experienced player but can be difficult for the new player to use. It can fire 3 different types of round:

  • Fragmentation grenades: Ideal for the newer player as they have a smaller blast radius so it is easier to use without griefing others. It also has some (but not much) damage against MAXes.
  • Plasma grenades: Extremely powerful but unpredictable, these weapons can do serious damage to enemies but also can be "grief machines" if used uncorrectly. Can kill cloakers in a single hit.
  • Jammer grenades: Like normal Jammers these can disable enemy CE, detonate boomers from a safe range, deactivate implants and destroy vehicular weapon systems. The extra range of the thumper means it is easier to disable spitfires, vehicles and implants from a safe range. Extremely handy!

Rocklet rifle: This weapon can fire in two modes: a normal single shot mode or a rapid fire mode that fires all the shots in the magazine at once with a slight decrease to accuracy. It has two ammo types:

  • Rocket pod: A single magazine of rocket pods can take out a rexo trooper if all the shots hit and can annihilate MAXes in two magazines. It can also do decent damage to light vehicles and aircraft.
  • Fragmentation ammo: Using the same ammo type as a thumper this mode can do decent damage to light vehicles and can take out aircraft with far more ease than the rockets due to it's splash damage.