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Lattice Logic Unit

The LLU (Lattice Logic Unit) is a small, spherical shaped object which spawns within special bases (called LLU bases) in a space called the Lattice Logic Unit Socket when that base is hacked.

The LLU must be delivered to the specified friendly facility (indicated by the Lattice link flashing on the Continental Map screen) within 15 minutes for the hack to succeed. If the LLU contacts water, the hack is canceled. If you are the LLU runner, the destination base will have a reddish waypoint marker over it and an indicator on your radar of the destination base.

It is always good strategy to give the LLU carrier (who retrieves it from the Socket or ground (if dropped) by simply touching it) a ride in a vehicle with a passenger space so as to finish the hack as soon as possible (the LLU cannot enter the following vehicles: Galaxies, Liberators, Vultures, Lodestars or BattleFrame Robotics). Vehicles that are transporting an LLU will have speed penalties, which reduces their top speed for as long as the LLU is in it. The LLU Carrier may not pilot any vehicles themselves, nor use a Router, deconstruct themselves, or enter a Warpgate bubble. In addition, MAX Units are not able to pick up and/or carry LLU's, and Cloakers will decloak while they are carrying the LLU.

The LLU carrier must deliver the LLU to the Control Console of the indicated base to capture the hacked facility. LLU bases give Battle Experience Points/Command Experience Points for being in the base during a hack (Hack and Hold amount BEP/CEP), escorting the LLU (determined by distance from it, closer you are to the LLU the more BEP/CEP you will get), and for defending the base the LLU must be taken to (least BEP/CEP).

The LLU is visable on the map screen, and proximity map and the carrier will radiate yellow waves of light while carrying the LLU. You can drop the LLU (to give to another player) by pressing shift-G by default. Vehicles parked on top of an LLU in the field will be given a deconstruction warning.