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Category: Island Cluster
Climate (Extinction): Tropical
Landmass: Battle Island
Terrain: Cliff-sided waterways, bridges, extinct volcano crater, steep hillsides
Facilities: 3
Towers: 9
Active Warpgates: 3


Although bridge battles are common on this island, water-based attacks are possible via hover (AT or VS vehicles and Deliverer variants. Shoreline access is possible at many strategic points on this map if bridge battles are blocking progress elsewhere.


As is the case with all Battle Islands, heavy weapons and vehicles do not operate here. Not permitted are Heavy Assault weapons, Reavers, Artillery, BFRs, Medium Battle Tanks, and Empire Specific Deliverer variants.


Long ago, geological stresses erupted here, pushing up through the sea floor and creating a volcano that spewed lava for a time before dying. When a great quake rumbled through this area mere decades ago, a new smaller volcano was born amidst the ruins of the old crater.

Now, laval islands have been cut by wind, water, and steady erosion. The volcano is dormant for now, but who knows how long that will last.