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Guide to TR MAX

  • this is not ment to be a comprehensive guide for new users but should offer some assistance and insight to new MAX users. Especially you Newb Uni-MAX owners.

The TR MAX units, in my opinion are the best in the game. Although they are underpowered compared to the other factions MAX units during normal operations their special ability (liability and asset) to anchor down makes them incredibly powerful. I will comment on each of the armament types seperately.

AA MAX: BURSTER his MAX has the unique ability to target and often seal the fate of enemy aircraft before they even know what hit them. This is due to the fact that the flak MAX is dumb fire mode only. Since it has no missle lock warning, this MAX can fire (especially at range) all the projectiles required to destroy the aircraft before the first shell explodes. To be effectively employed you must find an area to anchor down that avoids exposure to enemy fire and allows you to overlook an area where aircraft will be spwawning, repairing, or hovering (ie around bases that are under siege). Then you just have to anchor down and wait for your chance. I recommend finding high ground whenever possible. The splash (explosion) radius of the rounds when they approach an enemy aircraft will allow you to target aircraft around bases even when they are seeking cover or can no longer be seen.

This MAX weapon is truly only effective against aircraft. Remember this when you think about attacking that armored vehicle... you are going to lose. If you get surprised by a softie, even in the rexo suit you can win a one on one battle provided you do some straffing and the opponent doesnt have anti vehicular weapons. Once again though, you will be damaged a lot and likely be killed soon after.

AV MAX: POUNDER This is the best all purpose MAX for the TR. The mortar projectiles do substantial damage to personnel and aircraft (although hard to hit) in addition to vehicles and MAX units. I cant swear to this but I am not sure that any other MAX has a faster time to kill (TTK) then the Pounder when it is anchored. For that matter if you are anchored in the AV MAX I would engage anything that appears in front of you if good cover/escape isnt easily and quickly available. The reason for this is, first you will likely die thrying to escape anything you arent willing to engage anyways. Secondly the Pounder does so much damage to most targets that you will mortally wound, drive away or destroy many targets if you just get to work on killing them. Dont think I am crazy... you will almost always lose to Reavers, Gunships, Tanks, and BFRs. However, if you are anchored and get the drop on an enemy you will be amazed how quickly you can kill them. Try to find enemies that are already engaged with other friendlies. If you can get the first full magazine on target before they recognize you the enemy vehicle will most likely bail out of the fight or be destroyed.

This MAX is also great for any area where there is a bottle neck. It pairs well with the dual cycler for back door, tower and other doorway defenses where the explosion damage almost guarantees hits. Dont forget that even though the indirect fire of this weapon makes hitting difficult it also can allow you to attack enemy vehicles over base walls. The secondary fire mode (three second delay) is useful for clearing out hallways and to a lesser degree bouncing around corners.

AI MAX: DUAL CYCLER Finally we come to the anti-infantry max for the TR. This weapon (like all TR weapons) has a high rate of fire and large magazine size. The weapon is extremely effective against soft targets and is capable of dizzing rate of fire. One issue with this weapon system is knowing when to anchor and when not to. The combination of armor and damage to softies allows you to win almost any one on one battle (and many against multiple enemies)... damn decimators, not fond of the lancer either... at close to medium range. You can use this to incredible effect in close confined quarters. You do suffer damage degredation at range so keep this in mind. Please save your time and help out the TR by not getting carried away... although it seems like you can take on anything (lasers and muzzle flash are sweet) you have little chance against anything other then softies. I have destroyed noob mosquito pilots when anchored but I dont recommend attacking anything but softies. What will happen is... their damage indicator (red directional flashes) will blow up due to the number of hits and they will then turn and kill you. I wouldnt even use it against other MAXs unless you have to.

Strategy tips... We all know that the decimator, phoenix, and lancer will kill you in no time flat. We all know you are a big target and draw a lot of attention due to the amount of hurt you can put out and the fact that you are fairly easy to kill. We should all know that a MAX suit makes you want to charge in all doors and take on all armor, which is a bad idea. This could go on forever but this isnt about general MAX strategy. On to the other TR issue...

To Anchor or not to Anchor: If you have played (or read about) a TR MAX then you know that the ability to anchor is a gift and a curse. On the one hand you shrink your cone of fire, and almost double the rate of fire. On the other you become stationary, and loose the ability to fire and address any threat that isnt in front of you. I will make this as simple as possible since your playing style and experience will teach you more about this decision then anything I can write.

Basically, if you are defending an area, or entrance way you should anchor down. if you have other supporting TR with you to guard your back or a wall is handy (to guard your back) anchor down. If you sneak up on, get the jump on, or see an opportunity to really throw down on a target anchor down. If you know you are going to die and are trying to take as many with you as you can, anchor down.

The harder part is learning when not to. If you can easily be flanked, dont have cover to your rear or are surprised by a superior enemy (ie, tank, BFR, AV troop) dont anchor down. Also beware of hallways where you can be easily hit "stick and move" style with decimators.

In short, I have gotten more kills by far when anchored down and giving them hell then I ever have just standing up and staying mobile. When in the thick of battle, I must also say that along with those kills, anchoring has dramaticly shortened my life expectency.

AMENDMENT: A recent change to Terran MAXs... The powers at be have added a max capacitor which allows a noticible increase in rate of fire without anchoring down. It is all or nothing (once initiated it cant be stopped) and gives a valuable new resource to users. Although fairly short in duration the capacitor ability gives you the oportunity push forward while laying down increased firepower. This ability is quite usefull when pushing into spawn rooms, up tower stairs, and attacking CCs. I havent had enough of a chance to use it to issue a verdict. Good luck with the new tool.

Enjoy the firepower TR and happy hunting.

--Mudwink 13:40, 31 October 2007 (EDT)Mudwink