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Black Widow Company TR Emerald Outfit

Our actions on the battlefield and off the battlefield speak for themselves. We don't have a million members, but all of our members are active.

Our outfit specializes in elite squad- and platoon-level tactics. Others imitate, others mock, but our tactics work and none of our soldiers need to respawn.

Our outfit specializes in Commando/black-ops jobs. Others imitate, but never duplicate. BWC pioneered black ops. Our actions extend well beyond the humdrum, boring generator drops.

Our outfit specializes in BFR-lance tactics. If you've seen red-and-black BFRs working in unison, to great effect, that was BWC.

Black Widow Company has been on Emerald server since before it was Emerald. From Day One of retail, and well before that, our outfit has stood intact, with no changes in our structure and combat doctrine. No other outfit can claim the same.

Join another outfit, or be among the elite. Either way, we were here before you and we'll be here long after you fade away. The question is, what did you accomplish while you were here?

Enlist today, if you want a challenge.

Loyalty until death, Death before dishonour, BWC FOR LIFE