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58th Marine Corp (The Wildcards)

The 58th Marine Corp has been operational since the 6th of July 2003.

We are a multi-game clan, however our roots are firmly set in PlanetSide where we are a major force on the Werner server, fighting for the New Conglomerate. Within the past few months we have started to move into new games taking our expertise from Planetside into Battlefield 2, City of Heroes and World of Warcraft (where we have a 100-strong guild running - The Twisted Wildcards).

We have 2 massive Teamspeak servers, one for Planetside, and one for Battlefield 2, City of Heroes and World Of Warcraft. You will see the Planetside server regularly hits 90 users however this is not a problem as both have unlimited capacity and run from high-spec dedicated servers. Please note that both servers are available exclusivley to Marines and allies of the Marine Corp.

We offer one of the most advanced websites ever to grace a clan, running off only the best Content Managers and Message Board software. Our site is regularly updated with news, patches, and other important information. We have a large forum catering for all games with extra sections for tech-support, off topic chat, and much more!

Visit us at The 58th