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Medium Battle Tank
's Medium Battle Tank

Type Medium Battle Tank
Role Attack
Certification Required Armored Assault I and Armored Assault II
Empire Terran Republic
Primary Weapon Dual 100mm Cannons
Secondary Weapon Dual 15mm Rotary Chainguns
Ammunition 100mm Tank Shells and 15mm Chaingun Bullets
Occupants 3 (Driver and 2 Gunners)
Handling Good
Top speed 57 kph


The Prowler is the Terran Republic's Medium Battle Tank. It has a tall side profile and can hold two gunners. Its two gunners can attack different targets at the same time. Its main gun is a dual-100mm cannon. It fires fast, can be used at short range and is particularly nasty against infantry, killing them in one hit. The second gunner can act as spotter and provide mild defense against dispersed infantry and aircraft using dual-15mm chainguns.

The Prowler requires a Technology Plant lattice link or Sanctuary vehicle pad in order to be purchasable.

Shots to kill (with Dual 100mm Cannons only):

Lightning 5 shots
Magrider 12 shots
Vanguard 15 shots

(The above numbers are taken with full Armor; no Vehicle Shields applied)