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Support roles involve helping other members of your team in any manner. This can include healing other players, repairing other players and vehicles, reviving fallen comrades, Hacking Terminals and Lockers for your teammates to use, and driving the support vehicles.

Infantry Support

Infantry Support includes the activity of healing or repairing other soldiers as well as reviving other soldiers. This is one of the most important support activities, as without it, soldiers would die far too quickly to be effective.

Healing and Repairing

Two of the most basic support activies, but possibly two of the most important. Without this, soldiers would not last more than two duels, as their health and armor would be far too low to go on. This is where the medic and engineer come in to heal and repair a soldier to help him fight far longer than he would normally be able to.

Available Support Merits:


When a player attains the Advanced Medical certification, that player can use the Medical Applicator to revive a fallen comrade, given that the victim has not yet released to respawn. However, when reviving a player, great care must be taken, as a revived player who has not been repaired at all will often spawn with little to no armor, so it is wise to have an engineer nearby to boost his armor up as well.

Available Merit Commendations:

Equipment Support

Equipment Support involves using a Nano Dispenser from the Engineering certification to repair vehicles, Phalanx turrets, and Spitfires. Generally, it is more difficult to find dedicated Equipment supporters in the field since Nano Dispensers are harder to carry since a player has to sacrifice an entire rifle slot, as opposed to a Body Armor Nano Kit, Medical Applicator, or Remote Electronics Kit, in which the player only has to sacrifice a pistol slot.

Available Merit Commendations:

Hacking Support

Hacking Support involves using a Remote Electronics Kit along with the Hacking or Advanced Hacking to hack enemy terminals for your Empire to use for a short amount of time. This type of support is invaluable as soldiers who are caught deep within enemy territory who are low on ammunition often need the support of a friendly hacker to convert an Equipment Terminal to their side temporarily.

Available Merit Commendations:

Vehicular Support

Vehicular Support involves using one of the support vehicles in PlanetSide to its full use to help your empire. This is extremely important, as many of these vehicles fill roles that are absolutely necessary for the gameplay to flow.

Advanced Mobile Station

The Advanced Mobile Station is perhaps the most important support vehicle in the game. It allows soldiers to respawn at much closer distances than they would normal be able to, and it gives soldiers who are low on ammo an area to replenish their supplies. This vehicle has almost no offensive abilities and is clearly a support vehicle, and fills one of the most important roles in the game.

Available Merit Commendations:

Galaxy Support

When a ground invasion of a base fails, often the skies are the best way to get into a base. This is where the Galaxy comes in, it allows players to get onto a base in an unexpected way which will often throw base defenders off. However, one person who is often never creditted for this act is the actual Galaxy pilot. He sacrifices his time to get his teammates where they need to be, and, thus, holds one of the most important support roles in the game.

Available Merit Commendations:

Lodestar Support

When a vehicle is heavily damaged and far into enemy territory without an Engineer nearby to repair him, the Lodestar is where he turns. A floating repair silo, the lodestar provides much needed repairs to vehicles who would be long gone without it. A powerful support tool in the right hand, the Lodestar fills a vital role in PlanetSide.

Available Merit Commendations:

Router Support

Speed is the key to any team, and the Router helps get soldiers where they need to be. This allows soldiers cross huge distances in a split second, but the enemy can utilize enemy Routers, so careful Router and telepad placement is important. The Merit for this encourages good router and telepad placement.

Available Merit Commendations:

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