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BFR Anti-Aircraft

Type Vehicle Weaponry
Provides Access To BFR Anti-Aircraft Weaponry
Pre-requisite BattleFrame Robotics
Required For -
Cert Point Cost 1

BFR Anti-Aircraft

The Anti-Aircraft configuration of BattleFrame Robotics is best suited to combat enemy aircraft. At a cost of one Certification Point, this cert allows the pilot to utilize three new weapons:

The VS have the Starfire Anti-Aircraft weaponry which is an adaptation of the similarly named MAX. It features lock on systems that will guide in flight projectiles to the currently painted target. Each energy sphere has an outer plasmoid mass that continues to eat away at the target after the initial explosive impact.

The TR have the Burster air defense system which operates similarly to the Burster equipped AA MAX, rapidly firing flak shells that explode in proximity to enemy air.

The NC have the Sparrow Missile Pod, which is the application of the Sparrow Anti-Aircraft weapons platform to the Peregrine. The system has been adapted for rapid fire salvo of its magazine of missiles, resulting in fast kill times on opposing aircraft. The drawback to this is the relatively frequent reload times as missiles are shuffled into place in the launch tubes.

It should be also noted that all the BFR Anti-Aircraft weapons, even when they are paired, are still less effective than their MAX Unit counterparts.