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Blast Into Battle, Double Time

Special Event: Blast Into Battle, Double Time

This was an event that was held from July 27 to August 8, 2006.

The following features/settings changes are added for the Event.

  • Base captures experience has been doubled
  • Squad member experience has doubled based on close and long range proximities to your other squad members
  • We doubled the amount of time that you can get Support Experience from other soldiers or vehicles in these areas:
  • Soldiers spawning and re-equipping at your AMS
  • Healing and reviving soldiers
  • Repairing another soldiers armor
  • Repairing a damaged vehicle
  • Vehicles rearming or repairing at your Lodestar
  • Soldiers using your hacked Medical, Equipment, Vehicle or BFR terminal
  • Soldiers bailing from your Galaxy
  • Soldiers using your Router and Telepad
  • Implant certifications have been reduced from Battle Ranks 6, 12 and 18 allowing you to now play with two Implants at Battle Ranks 6 and another at Battle Rank 7
  • Increased the HART docking time making it easier for those who continually miss the flight
  • Reduced the HART rotation allowing you to get to battles much easier.

Implant changes were later reset due to issues with lost Certifications.