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Immortal Sovereigns

The Immortal Sovereigns was an Outfit originally created by Aryo on the Konried server at the release of the PlanetSide in May of 2003.

It's been a very active outfit since, having seen such memorable leaders as Skyshot, Johnypilgrim, ISFizz, and currently Spartikus-k.

Overall the outfit has a casual play-style that focuses on organization and special ops a couple times a week to keep people sharp. We regularly field 1-2 squads in the evenings and small 2-5 man squads during the day.

The Immortal Sovereigns host their own TeamSpeak server and forums and has grown into a large gaming group with guilds, outfits, or supergroups on games like EverQuest 2, World of Warcraft, and City of Heroes just to name a few.

We enjoy working with other outfits and are absolutely at home in armored columns, Galaxy drops on Towers, to plain old base defense. We like to do it all!