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 Flail firing its
Dispersion Cannon
Flail firing its Dispersion Cannon

Type Heavy Artillery
Role Attack/Defense
Certification Required Flail
Empire Common Pool (Ancient Tech)
Primary Weapon Dispersion Cannon
Occupants 1 (Driver)
Handling Poor
Top speed 55 kph (38 kph over water)


The Flail is an Ancient-Tech (AT) artillery platform. It has fairly high armor but travels at a low speed. The Flail must be deployed, immobilizing it, to fire its devastating long-range energy projectiles. When not deployed it cannot fire its weapon and is therefore defenseless. The vehicle can only deploy on land, though its ability to hover allows it to travel across inland stretches of water, but it cannot travel far beyond the coast of a continent. The farther its projectiles travel, the more damage they do (inverse Damage Degradation). The Flail works best when supported by a squad leader of Command Rank 1 (CR1) or a squad member utilizing the Laze Pointer to help it acquire a target. Both of these systems give the Flail driver a special triangle shaped target. Unfortunately, squad leader waypoints show the aim zone as it would be if the target was at sea-level while the Laze Pointer, though harder to use, shows the Flail user an aim point which is set to the elevation above sea-level of the target, allowing the Flail user's first shot to hit. A third way of targeting is done by the squad leader assigning the squad experience waypoint (blue diamond) to a particular squad member (done in the "manage" tab). An aiming point will be produced for the flail and provides_perfect_targeting information like the laze pointer. Note however, that you will be targeting the feet of your own squad member!

Laze Pointers may be obtained from the Flail itself, as well as all Equipment terminals, and do not require any special Certifications to use.

The Flail requires a Vehicle Module lattice benefit, or linked Cavern Lock Benefit in order to be purchasable on the surface. To recharge the Flail's capacitor, you must go to a Repair/Rearm Silo at a facility that has the Vehicle Module benefit, or use a Vehicle Energy Crystal in the Caverns.