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Celestial Fire

Celestial Fire is an Outfit of primarily "older" PlanetSide players. The average age of its members is 30+. It was formed on the Konried server on the first full day of PlanetSide: May 20, 2003.

Celestial Fire prides itself on being organized, yet easy going; mature, yet fun-loving. Prime time for Celestial Fire is generally 8PM-11PM EST Monday to Friday, but its members can be found online at other times as well. The Outfit doesn't specialize in any one tactic or task, preferring to remain loose and able to try new things. They hold regular "theme" nights, where a particular certification or operation is focused on, but otherwise leave themselves open to whatever task will help the Vanu Sovereignty

The current Outfit Leader is Wrathchild-K. He is the fourth Leader in the Outfit's history.

The Celestial Fire website can be found at