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Personal Waypoint

Gun tower
Gun tower

Players can set a single Personal Waypoint on the Continental Map to aid with navigation.

In map mode, right-click on the location to which you want the waypoint to be set. A white triangular arrow icon will appear at that spot. On closing the map, a white column of light will now be visible on the horizon, its base located at the spot indicate on the map. If you use Instant Action, your personal waypoint will be set close to the hotspot you are meant to respond to.

To clear it, right click again on the triangle on the Continental Map. To set another waypoint, right click at a new location. While only one Personal Waypoint may exist at a time, it may be reused as often as you like.

Only you can see this white column. For squad co-ordination, Squad Waypoints, or a Laze Pointer must be used.

(Note: Some players, particularly Bolt Driver users, can find these columns extremely distracting. For best results, place the waypoint a little 'behind' the target area, to prevent it blocking line of sight.)